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      Amy Delman
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    • Title:Co-Founder
    • Organization:College Benefits Research Group
    • Area of Expertise:College Planning

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: College Planning
      Summary of expertise:
      Co-founder Steven Sirot, College Benefits Research Group, demonstrates how a private and/or public education is affordable and attainable and allows hard working families to hit a “home run” in finding the right school, academically, socially and financially, for their child.
      “We are different from other college planning services in that we offer “harmonization” of financial, educational and social guidance for the entire family. We meet jointly with students and parents to develop a college game plan that works for everyone. Too often college students attend a school because their friends are there, or it is the so-called ‘hot school’ that is on everyone’s radar, without any consideration of whether the school is right for them or the long-term effect it will have on family finances. We work hard with the entire family to let students know that going to college is a responsible decision that affects the whole family, and there are no ‘free rides.’ The student will be responsible for their academic success in college, which includes graduating on time.”

      Steven Sirot is a Charter Member of the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG).
      Prior media experience:
      -NJ Money Help- "How student assets count for financial aid" (04/23/2018)

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      "Steven Sirot - Profiled In NJBIZ 'Triple Play'- How To Protect The College
      Investment," (12/14/15)

      -The West Essex Tribune
      "David Slater - Livingston People - Profiled In NJMoneyHelpNJ - FAFSA vs.
      CSS Profile," (11/12/15)

      -; NJ 101.5 radio (10/30/15)
      "Understanding Financial Aid Forms,"
      "Making Sense Of Financial Aid,"

      -The Fresh Outlook - "College Preparation" (8/22/15)

      -The Fresh Outlook - "Paying for College" (8/22/15)

      - US News & World Report
      "3 Important College Funding Questions To Answer During A Divorce,"(8/19/15)

      -NJBIZ - "Tuition insurance is coming to Jersey" (8/10/15) - "Helping students get ready for college" (7/03/15)

      - The Star Ledger: Crowdfunding your college tuition? N.J. student says online village should invest $47K in her (6/2/15)

      -Forbes - "How To File A Financial Aid Appeal" (5/12/15)

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      -NJBiz: Picking right college is as important as paying for it (4/20/15)

      -Business 101 with Scott Gingold: Steven Sirot Discussing College Planning (4/5/15)

      -WGLS’s “A Community Affair": CBRG's co-founder, Steven Sirot, and Educational Counselor, Janet Loren, discuss the importance of social, academic, AND financial fit in the college search process (12/17/14)

      -WRNJ's "Newsline": CBRG Co-Founders Steven Sirot and David Slater discuss how and when to search for the best college for your student (12/4/14)

      -WCTC Radio: CBRG's Co-Founders, Steven Sirot and David Slater, and Educational Specialist, Janet Loren, discuss all aspects of college planning. (12/11/14)

      -Interviewed on WNYJTV's "Community Impact"
      May 2014

      -Interviewed on WPIX11 Morning News
      April 2014

      -Rowan Radio: A Community Affair (12/9/13)

      - Interviewed on WCTC's "Jersey Central" Radio Show
      September 2013

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