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Director, Audience Website Operations

Media Relations Manager
PR Newswire
Fifteen years in media/communications field. Specialize in media, public relations and bringing the two together.

Senior Audience Relations Manager
PR Newswire
I manage media relations for PR Newswire. I'm the voice behind the PRN Google+ page, and I manage PRN for Bloggers. I was a reporter and editor for 15 years, and I continue to freelance and blog for a variety of media agencies.

Can provide experts in small business, printing, e-commerce, marketing, public relations, real estate, entertainment, and HR.

VP, Strategic Communications & Content
PR Newswire
I created, developed and remain the voice of the @PRNewswire Twitter account. I speak and write regularly on the subject of how businesses and the media can leverage social media and Twitter.

Principal Consultant
GeoActive Group
David H. Deans | Technology, Media, Telecom analyst, consultant, columnist - digital multi-platform practitioner - commercial transmedia storyteller @dhdeans

Communications and broadcast professional helping PR experts maximize branding and visibility for their clients over multiple channels. Specialize in leveraging multimedia assets and video storytelling.

Twitter: @PostcardsfromSF

I keep track of the media in the Mid-Atlantic region and also edit the Audience Reserch newsletter -- "PR Newswire Media Moves".

Manager, Media Strategy
Steve is a core media relations and social media practitioner for his accounts, securing media coverage in business press, trade magazines and blogs, executing Facebook and Twitter campaigns and writing content for publication. He also serves as...

I write for a variety of magazines. Current clients include military, real estate, engineering, information technology, human resources and entrepreneurial publications.

I am the public relations and analyst relations manager at Veracode.

Senior Account Supervisor, Web Stra...
Lovell Communications
Lovell Communications Inc. is an award-winning public relations, crisis communications and marketing communications agency representing a variety of industries and services. From their operations in Nashville, TN and Washington, D.C. they service...

19-year veteran of the newswire industry

I manage audience relations for PR Newswire. You can catch me tweeting at @BeyondBylines and @PRNewswire. I help manage, edit and write for the Beyond Bylines blog. I'm also the voice on the PR Newswire for Journalist's Facebook page.
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